PixelJunk Lifelike Renamed PixelJunk 4am

September 14, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Creators of terrific titles like PixelJunk Racers, Eden and Shooter, Q-Games have developed some of the best titles on the PlayStation Network, but their next “game”, PixelJunk lifelike, aims to try something entirely different. We enjoyed the Move-based music conducting title back at E3, calling it “amazing, innovative, and just plain awesome”, but Q-Games weren’t happy with one aspect of the game – the name.

Dylan Cuthbert, President and Executive Producer of Q-Games, explained on the PS Blog that “after long deliberation [the developer is] changing the name to PixelJunk 4am.” Cuthbert mock-interviewed the title’s co-designer, musician Baiyon, about the new name:

Why the name change?

PixelJunk Lifelike was originally conceived as an extension of the PixelJunk Eden world. Our idea was to create a kind of living speaker for people to play their music through, using natural imagery and taking strong visual cues from Eden. There wasn’t even the concept of a “player.” We’ve since moved far beyond that simple idea to new and uncharted waters, both visually and musically. The style has evolved now into something that is really quite different from anything we’ve ever made before. It was only natural that we’d want to chase this new concept and capture it with a new title.

Why 4am?

4am represents the exact mood and feeling we’ve captured. 4am is that deep night hour. In clubs, the music drifts to a new level entering a deepened state that often seems removed from reality. Whether you’re in a club or not, 4am always feels like the night has gone on forever, where there’s still a little time left before dawn. This late night feel better represents our current visual and musical style.

So what can we expect now?

PixelJunk 4am is something unique that has never been tried before, so we’re treading in new territory. We’re using the PlayStation Move in truly experimental ways to give people control of making their own style of music. Being able to stream your music live on PSN also gives people the chance to broadcast a new kind of online performance. We can’t wait to see people playing 4am deep into the early morning hours.

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