Sony Exploring the Possibility of UMD Backwards Compatibility for Vita

September 14, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Every time a new gaming device launches, one of the biggest questions on gamers’ minds is whether or not it will be backwards compatible. Considering the fact that the PlayStation Vita doesn’t have a UMD slot, many have ruled out the possibility of complete backwards compatibility, but Sony isn’t writing it off just yet.

Sure, gamers will be able to enjoy the PSP games available for download via the PlayStation Store, but what about the games that haven’t got fast internet connections or don’t want to re-buy their UMDs? According to SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano, Sony is currently looking into ways of bringing PSP content to the PSV.

During Sony’s press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Mr. Kawano brought up the possibility of providing consumers with a service that would allow them to play their favorite UMD-based PlayStation Portable titles on the Vita… for a fee of course.

No additional details were given regarding how the program would actually work, so stick to PlayStation LifeStyle and we’ll fill you in on the status of the Vita’s backwards compatibility as soon as we know more.