Final Dark Souls Prologue Trailer Will Leave You In Darkness

September 15, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Demon’s Souls wasn’t so much about the story as it was about the atmosphere. Even so, Demon’s Souls contained a clear and concise story that explained why the game’s world existed. Everything From Software has shown off so far suggests that Dark Souls will be structured in much the same way. The previous prologue trailers released by the developer teased a few details about the story, but the final prologue video definitely reveals the most important information.

This trailer summarizes the last three prologue trailers and ends with a basic description of the current world of Dark Souls. So, to reiterate the story so far: in the beginning there was nothing but darkness, but then fire came, out of this fire came the four lords who vanquished the stone dragons. After the dragons were defeated, the age of fire started and is marked by mankind living in peace in regular buildings and the usual. Now, the age of fire is coming to an end and everything will return to darkness. As the trailer says:

Thus began the age of fire. But soon the flames will fade, and only dark will remain. Even now, there are only embers. A man sees not light, but only endless nights…

So, as opposed to Demon’s Souls, where the greed of one king threw the entire world into darkness, the story of Dark Souls will be about the world, as players know it, coming to an end. It would be interesting if it turns out that players can’t “win” in Dark Souls; that would certainly live up to the reputation of the game.