Lightning Strikes Calendars and Unveils Special Edition FFXIII-2 PS3 Bundle

September 15, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The next addition to the long-running Final Fantasy series is only a few months away with Final Fantasy XIII-2, and although there has been some cold pre-release reception for the title, it’s looking like the highly polished experience that Square Enix has become known for. Now, Square Enix has marked the calendar for the title’s release, and a special edition PlayStation 3 has been announced as well.

FFXIII-2 now has an official release date for all three major territories. Japan will be the first to see Lightning in her second adventure on December 15th, while North America and Europe will be able to play on January 31st and Feburary 3rd respectively.

When FFXIII-2 releases on Japan this December, it’ll not only be available as a retail copy, but as a gorgeous PS3 bundle as well. See below:

Final Fantasy XIII similarly had a special PS3 bundle, and the art was equally as stunning. Along with the recent price drop, this bundle should help Sony secure first place across the charts by a large margin this holiday season.

Be sure to check out the latest screenshots of FFXIII-2 if you are excited for this sequel to the multi-million unit selling FFXIII.