First Devil May Cry Gameplay Footage Shown in Demo

September 16, 2011Written by Zak Islam

The Tokyo Game Show has seen the arrival of direct gameplay footage from Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot. The new recording, which was played on the PlayStation 3, shows off a recording with protagonist Dante in action.

Although many will be fixated on Dante’s looks, the gameplay does show a host of different sword attacks. Each attack can be finished off in the air where his gun will be the finishing attack on the enemies. Another highlight shown is a new ability for Dante where the action will be temporarily slowed down in order to perform and perfect an execution. Check out both videos below:


The reception for DmC: Devil May Cry hasn’t exactly been positive. Gamers and fans of the series have been frustrated with the direction developer Ninja Theory chose for Dante – a usually bad-ass-looking character – with his hair and general look making him to be presented in an ’emo’ way. However, publisher Capcom has promised that changes would be made to Dante and it looks like they’ve stayed true to their word if the new gameplay footage is anything to go by.

The Devil May Cry reboot is currently scheduled for a release in 2012.