Eidos Gambled Deus Ex’s Quality by Outsourcing Boss Battle Development

September 18, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was met with high acclaim when it debuted last month, but many agreed that the game suffered from one obvious imperfection: underwhelming boss battles. With such a talented development team behind the game, many have wondered what happened, and now we know why.

As it turns out, Eidos Montreal didn’t spend development time on the boss battles of Deus Ex: Human Revolution because that portion of the project was outsourced to G.R.I.P Entertainment. President of G.R.I.P, Dr. Paul Kruszewski, was recorded in a recent interview where he explained the design decisions that went into the bosses of the latest Deus Ex, and after listening to him you’ll probably be convinced that they were well-implemented.

With such a great opportunity available, it’s almost unthinkable how every single boss in the game was disappointing. Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a huge library of awesome gameplay options that could have been capitalized on, but they didn’t translate well into the boss scenarios. A disappointing but strong testament to the importance of play-testing and polish.