Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Prepares for Battle with Screenshots

September 19, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The first high-profile flight combat simulator in quite some time is only a few weeks away, and we have some new gameplay screenshots to kick off its upcoming release.

These new Ace Combat screenshots look great, and they include the likes of extremely sophisticated aerospace excellence such as the F-22 Raptor and A-10 Thunderbolt. There are also some quality images of the interiors of several jets, and a couple nasty explosions as well. Check out the latest Ace Combat: Assault Horizon screenshots below:

A demo of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon became available on the PlayStation Store during the last update, and has been receiving some good feedback thus far. The game has an ‘arcade-like’ feel to it, so those daunted by the difficulty of flight simulators should have no issue getting into the swing of blowing jets away while flying hundreds of miles per hour.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon will release on October 11th in North America, and October 14th in Europe. Stay tuned.