Chrono Trigger and FFVI Summoned to PlayStation Network [Update] Not Coming Tomorrow

September 19, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

[Update] Sony ran out of MP and the summon could not be cast. Well, that’s really not true, but it sure sounds a lot better than Sony’s excuse:

[Original Story] The PlayStation Network is the home to many “classics” but mostly from the PSOne era. But some of the greatest RPGs ever created are from a time before the PlayStation brand ever existed. Tomorrow, two of the very best RPGs (or games for that matter), will launch be available for download in the PlayStation Store.

A few months ago, the ESRB rated some Square Enix classics for the PlayStation 3. These titles were originally released on the Super Nintendo, and are easily among my top five all-time favorite games.

I am pleased to tell you that two of them–Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI–will be available in tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update. You’ll be able to relive these amazing classic RPGs on your PS3.

These two titles are more than enough game for the entire PlayStation Store update, but there’s (a lot) more. Look out for our PlayStation Store Preview, later today.