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Tokyo Game Show 2011 Sets Records, Plans for Next Year

September 19, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

The Tokyo Game Show has wrapped up the show and closed its doors, but not before welcoming in a record number of visitors to the event. In fact, this four day game show hosted 222,668 visitors in a time frame from Thursday to Sunday, according to organizer CESA.

The 222,668 is a nice bump up from last year’s 207,647 and an even bigger increase from 2009, which only saw 185,030 people stop by. The show was so good, that the first public day of the event, which was 9/17, broke a single-day record for the event. The full rundown of the attendance per day can be found below:

  • 9/15: 25,631
  • 9/16: 27,042
  • 9/17: 86,251
  • 9/18: 83,744

This high attendance should do Sony wonders with sales of the PlayStation Vita, which clearly was the star of the show this year. Sony had multiple announcements for the device, from 100 titles in the launch window to Final Fantasy X HD.

In preparation for possibly even better numbers next year, organizer CESA has announced that the show will be held from September 20th to September 23rd next year, so start saving your money now.