Vita Can Communicate with PSP, Not Just PS3

September 20, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

Sony is all about having connected devices. The PSP connects to the PS3, although in a very underwhelming way. The PlayStation Vita can play full PS3 titles on remote play, pull off transfarring, share gamesaves with the PS3, even play games online together with the PS3 on the same server. But what about the PlayStation Vita connecting to the PSP?

It’s possible, although we don’t see all that much reason to do so. But then again, that might be because we’re not in Japan (except Heath, he’s in Japan), and we don’t see the potential of the two systems pairing up to play games together via ad-hoc – something that is common in the land of the rising sun.

Theoretically, gamers playing Monster Hunter for the PSP, will be able to play with gamers playing Monster Hunter on the PlayStation Vita. This may not sound like the biggest deal, but it’s nice for anyone who is not quite ready yet for a PlayStation Vita and wants to continue to get the most out of their PSPs.

Sony Japan doesn’t offer any insight as to where this could be used, only giving us this rough translation that doesn’t make sense:

For example, PSP and PS Vita ® you can install the same game, to communicate beyond the walls can play hard in ad hoc mode? Wider range of play.

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