From Software Killing Early Dark Souls Players

September 21, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

If you somehow managed to score an early copy of From Software’s action-RPG Dark Souls you may want to consider waiting until the game’s official release before popping it in.

In a creative attempt to deter gamers from playing the game early, From Software has taken steps to punish such individuals by making use of the game’s Black Phantoms. For those that don’t already know, players are given the ability to punish fellow gamers by sending Black Phantoms into their game, damning them to a cruel and almost certain death.

The developer has created a system in which anyone who is playing the game before its official release (in Japan, that is tomorrow) will be bombarded with max level Black Phantoms, making the game virtually unplayable.

As of right now, it hasn’t been confirmed if this exploit will be used outside of Japan, but consider yourself warned. I must admit, it’s a pretty cool and inventive way to deter retails from leaking the game early.