Deus Ex Missing Link DLC Packs Quite the Punch

September 23, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Earlier in the month, and a mere two weeks following release, Deus Ex: Human Revolution had its first downloadable content pack announced under the title Missing Link. While hasty DLC announcements have been a concern this generation, Missing Link might be a rare exception.

Further examination has revealed that DEHR‘s Missing Link DLC will pack quite the punch with a ~1.5GB download, and more than five hours of new content to explore. Similar to Red Dead Redemption‘s Undead Nightmare DLC, it will be delivered in its own separate episode package which keeps it from interfering with the main narrative, and more importantly, your saved environments.

A price for Missing Link has yet to be revealed by Square Enix, but we estimate it’ll be in the 10$ to 15$ range, which has become somewhat of a standard for content packages. If it does manage to get a reasonable price tag, this could end up being one of the few DLCs that offers enough gameplay to justify its price tag.

You can read more about Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s Missing Link DLC on the game’s main site. Stay tuned for a price point and its release date in October.