New Version of Max Payne 3 Trailer Pops Up

September 23, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

A little over a week ago, Rockstar finally released the first official trailer for Max Payne 3, but now they’ve provided a new version with pop up information for fans of the franchise.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Max Payne in his full glorious bullet time induced action scenarios, especially if you ignore the horrible movie released back in 2008. Rockstar has been teasing us with tidbits of information on the new sequel for what seems like forever, and, for many, the trailer released is just another tease, since it looks awesome but we still have more than six months to wait before we can play. As if they’ve recognized this fact, Rockstar has released a new version of their trailer, which points out numerous important tidbits that you’ve seen within, but might not have realized the importance of. Check it out below, and keep that mouse hovering over the pause button so you can read it all.

In case you didn’t quite put that all together, this spells out that Max is moving to Brazil to work as a private security contractor. It’s quite a different role than playing as a rogue cop, but clearly we’re in for a ride as action packed as we’ve ever seen. It’s great to see Max back in action as the character we’ve known from previous games, and it’s clear that Rockstar is paying careful attention to details and getting the action right for Max Payne 3. After seeing the disaster of a movie based on the game, I thought Max Payne was dead forever, but luckily it’s clear he’s alive and back to kick some major ass. Max Payne 3 is due to turn crime lords into Swiss cheese sometime in March 2012.