A Long Live Play Mystery

September 26, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

Sony is brewing something big, something interesting for their Long Live Play campaign, but what exactly is it? A new video released today continues to leave us scratching our heads.

We’re guessing this has something to do with PlayStation looking for the “ultimate PlayStation Gamer” – something they teased on a recent PlayStation Blog post from the real VP of Product Marketing, Scott Steinberg. Steinberg said they’re going to “intentionally being Chimera-like stealthy to pique your curiosity”. Well, Scott, it’s working.

Check out the video below, then leave your thoughts in the comments as to what exactly PlayStation has in store for Long Live Play.

We’ve think we’ve spotted Chimera eyes at 16 secs, a Twisted Metal truck at 22, a Metal Gear MK II at 27 and Ratchet and Clank weapons at 40 seconds, but there is sure to be more hidden in the videoa.

If you notice, something is… missing. Something… or someone. Where is Long Live Play frontman, Kevin Butler? Strangely, despite kicking off this Long Live Play campaign in the first place, he’s nowhere to be found. Although, something tells me he’s preparing for whatever is next.

Stick to PSLS and we’ll let you know whatever is planned for 10/5/11.