Cross Game Chat #55 – Vita Roundtable

September 26, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

The PlayStation Vita has gotten a lot of attention recently and gamers have learned new information about the device using augmented reality, the Vita’s internal memory, what games will be available at launch, and much more. Josh, Cameron, and PMC sit down to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the device, and what impact the Vita will have on the gaming market. Also listen in as the guys answer live questions about the Vita from community members watching at The guys also weigh in on if they still plan on buying the Vita. Spoiler, one of us isn’t.

This Week’s News Topics:

  • DC Universe Goes Free-to-Play Read>>
  • Trophies to the Premium Members Only Read>>
  • FFXII-2 Trims Game Length Read>>
  • Demon’s Souls Servers Extended Into 2012 Read>>
  • Bethesda Much More Comfortable Working on Consoles With Skyrim Read>>
  • New, innovative Boss Battle in Deus Ex DLC Read>>
  • Enslaved Won’t be Returning Anytime Soon Read>>
  • GOW Team working on New IP Read>>
  • Suikoden Coming to PSP
  • Video Games and Gamers Unlock Piece to Aids Cure Read>>

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This week, the guys dedicate an entire feature to the Vita. This will probably be the last time we talk about the Vita before it releases. Look for the guys’ impressions of the Vita after it releases sometime next year. Next week, we talk about the winners and losers for September. Be sure to write in to or PSLifeStyle via Twitter. You can also stop by to catch a live recording of the podcast every weekend.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation

Romeo x Juliet

PMC’s Music Pick

Vampire Weekend