Konami to Punish PES 2012 Online Quitters

September 28, 2011Written by Zak Islam

Konami are implementing a new feature into Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 which ensures gamers who quit intentionally in the football game’s online component will be punished.

Gamers who purposely pull out of their match in order to evade defeat will consequently be completely blocked from PES 2012‘s competitions. Additionally, Konami has cleverly made an option that sees players with poor reputations being forced to to play within an online match with each other.

European PES team leader Jon Murphy said on the game’s online mode:

Online is a key element to PES 2012 and we have worked hard to deliver options that enhance both the competitive edge of the game, and that bolster the solo modes in Master League Online.

Those that have previously exploited online loop holes will be punished, while the stunning Active AI will bring a real edge to online games – with the results logged into leagues of your friends and peers. PES 2012 is all about skill, playing a team’s strengths and flowing football – who wouldn’t want to share that with their mates!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 releases in North America today and on October 14th in Europe.