No Plans for a Heavy Rain Sequel, Cage isn’t “in this Business to Make Money”

September 28, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Those hoping for a direct sequel to the quick time event heavy adventure game Heavy Rain are out of luck, because Quantic Dream’s David Cage has no plans to make a followup.

Speaking to Develop, Cage explained the reasoning behind his decision, emphasizing the fact that the allure of money will not play a part in what his development team does next.

Let me be stupid for one second; I’m not in this business to make money. I wrote Heavy Rain because I was excited about it, because there was something to say. Yeah I could make Heavy Rain 2, but I’ve said what I’ve had to say about it. That’s the strength of Quantic Dream, to have the capacity to create new ideas, to make something that breaks ground.

As far as his plans for the future, Cage went on to add:

I don’t know what to say. I guess I don’t have a long-term strategy for my career. It’s certainly not to make as much money as possible though. I see myself as an author, really. I just trust my instinct. I think fans of what I do want me to do that too.

I’m an old game creator. I’m 42 this year. There are so many old game designers who have passion when they are young and they get a bit a bit older and the passion falls away. They get a family, and suddenly they think ‘okay I need to make as much money as I can for my family – this is what matters.’ I’ve not reached that stage yet.

I still think I’m doing something important. That may sound naïve in this industry, but I still think I’m here to be creative. I just have a company because I need that structure to develop my ideas.

This is good news for fans of Cage’s work. The fact that he won’t compromise his artistic integrity for a couple of bucks speaks volumes to the dedication he and his team have at Quantic Dream to move the industry forward. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.