You’re Going to be “Totally Blown Away” by Future FIFA Installments

September 28, 2011Written by Zak Islam

Although FIFA 12 has just seen a release in North America and is gearing up for a European launch, developer EA Sports are already talking about the ideas they have planned for future football titles in the series.

FIFA producer David Rutter, who has done an excellent job in making the franchise one of EA’s most valuable assets, told CVG about the ideas planned for future installments:

We’ve got so much stuff we still want to do. EA SPORTS Football Club this year is brilliant, but there’s even stuff we wanted to do this year that we didn’t get to. When people get to see that in the next few years, they’re going to be totally blown away. And gaming-wise, it’s football, you know? Every game I watch, no matter how crap the teams, there’s always something where I think ‘we have got to do that’.

Rutter added:

This year we’ve got players stepping into volleys, fantastic off the ball movement, pro player intelligence, and there’s still more to come. I think we’re delivering a brilliant game this year, and we’ve got some great ideas up our sleeve for next year too.

FIFA 12 is now available in North American retailers and a European launch is due on Friday. Stay tuned for our review on the football game very soon. FIFA 13, meanwhile, was already confirmed during gamescom and will be fully functional with the PlayStation Move.