Dark Souls Battling with Major Issues, From Software Releases Statement

September 29, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Dark Souls released in Japan only days ago and, while Japanese gamers have been fortunate to play one of 2011’s most-anticipated RPGs a couple of weeks early, they’ve also had to battle with game instability and glitches. Although patch version 1.02 was just released and intended to resolve some of the hiccups, it has created a few of its own.

From Software have issued a public statement regarding the application of patch 1.02 for Dark Souls and noted the following documented issues (roughly translated from Japanese):

  • Random NPC disappearing.
  • Game hangs during application of trophy list.

Another patch is quickly being developed, and From Software plans to improve stability in a quick manner. Similarly, Demon’s Souls faced a few hurdles at launch, but thanks to a late international release, Western gamers were saved from much of the frustration. With only days until its release in European and North American markets, From Software’s developers don’t have much time before forums are sure to be flooded with complaints about technical issues. Stay tuned to see if they’re able to address the issues before the game’s launch on October 4th in North America, and October 7th in European territories.