Enter Jackal Canyon With RAGE

September 29, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

A new gameplay video for RAGE has surfaced, showing a player’s battle through a canyon while using a variety of weaponry and gadgets along the way.

RAGE is without a doubt a great looking game and, with the creative minds who brought us Doom and Quake behind it, you know it’s going to be chock full of what the best shooters in the world have to offer. However, a picture is worth a thousand words, and therefore a video is worth more, so there’s nothing like seeing the game in action. The latest video brings us to Jackal Canyon, where the Resistance (your allies in the game) believe an Ark has surfaced. Arks are all important, since they house a dozen humans each sealed in cryogenic pods, who were selected to rebuild humanity upon re-emerging. An important data decrypter should be in the area, but unfortunately for our hero (and luckily for us) the canyon is full of the Jackal Clan, who will ruthlessly protect their territory by any means necessary.

RAGE features not only top of the line FPS action, but also plenty of vehicular combat, as shown in the beginning of the trailer. Besides that, the numerous gadgets and ammo types will all need to be used in smart ways to make your way through the world, as shown in these mere five minutes. If you watched all the way to the end you’ll have seen my personal favorite so far, the mind control crossbow dart. It allows you to briefly move an enemy into position, and upon releasing control cause them to explode in a gory mess, brutally killing anyone nearby. RAGE is currently slated to release on October 4th in North America, October 6th in Australia, and October 7th in Europe.