Have Fun With Portals, Portal 2 Peer Review DLC Announced

September 30, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Portal 2 had a robust storyline and plenty of platforming action, but it was first and foremost a puzzle game. Besides the single-player campaign, there was a whole section of co-op puzzles that threw out story in favor of pure puzzle action… and the occasional high five. Any avid puzzle player out there is constantly craving new challenges, and Valve has heard those belly rumblings and responded with more content.

On October 4th, Valve will release free Portal 2 DLC on the PSN. The DLC titled “Peer Review” will consist of more co-op levels and a special challenge mode. The challenge mode will have both single-player and co-op challenges, and of course a leaderboard for players to compete against each other. The details on how the challenges will be structured have not been released, and gamers will probably have to wait until Tuesday to find out. The co-op levels will have P-Body and Atlas continue to do “testing” for GLaDOS. Usually the goal of peer review is to end up with some sort of final product, but GLaDOS seems content with doing science for the sake of science…and the chance of seeing the occasional deer.