Dark Souls v1.04 Patch Being Suited Up for Release Tomorrow

November 1, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Despite garnering critical acclaim across the board, Dark Souls has suffered from some technical and balance issues since its release last month, but that’s what patches are for, and another one is already being suited up for release this week.

From Software have released a full list of patch notes for the upcoming v1.04 patch of Dark Souls, which may very well be the largest one yet. See the long list of adjustments and additions below:

Changes to the effectiveness of certain spells including:
Magic Shield and Greater Magic Shield
Tranquil Walk of Peace
Ring of Fog
Iron Flesh

Changes to equipment balance
Magic adjust balance

Multiplayer matching condition adjustments
Coop hosts will get the full ammount of souls when defeating a boss
Cracked red eye orb will not break when it fails
Adjust the amount of time you kill a enemy acquisition soul
Adjusting items when defeated enemy drops

Some bosses will now drop “humanity” and “homeward bone”
Rare item and reinforcement materials have improved drop rate
Effect adjustment · Person may increase power by finding item

Shop lineup adjustments

Undead merchant (M):
Bottomless box added
Undead merchant (F):
Normal, heavy and wooden arrows/bolts added
Andrei blacksmith:
Normal, heavy and wooden arrows/bolts added
The Xena Donaru:
Normal, heavy and wooden arrows/bolts added
Giant blacksmith:
Normal, heavy and feather/sniper arrows/bolts added
Titanite shard, large titanite shard, green titanite shard and twinkling titanite added
Repair box and the reinforce weapons/armor stuff added

Vamos blacksmith:
Normal, heavy and wooden arrows/bolts added
Titanite shard added
Repair box and the reinforce weapons/armor stuff added

Temporary curse added

Warriors of sunlight covenant requirements reduced (Requires 25 faith and reduced by 5 for every successful coop, required 50 faith before)
Reduced cost for absolution (Before: level × 2000, After: level × 500)
Adjusted lock on behavior
Enable modification of the case hangs
Changed to level up display
Fixed infinite magic bug
Fixed input delay bug
Fixed Solaire of Astora not appearing in NG+ bug
Fixed bug regarding Kingseeker Frampt where feeding him materials can cause 99 items to go to 0 items
Fixed getting stuck in the map permanantly, ruining games
Fixed some English language translation errors

The ability to purchase twinkling titanite is a huge adjustment for advanced players looking to upgrade their equipment. The notes do fail to mention any fixes for summoning behavior, which has remained a critical ticket item for many as co-op and PvP have been thwarted due to connection issues.

This large patch will be releasing at 12:00 November 2nd Japan time, which equates to 8:00PM PST today. It should be immediately available for Japanese, North American, and European players, but expect a large install size.