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Lair Wasn’t the Only PS3 Exclusive Factor 5 Was Working On [Cancelled Project]

November 7, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

Lair. Before it released, everyone watched in awe, patiently awaiting the chance to take flight as a realistic-looking, high-definition dragon. But then it came out, and everyone realized it was a stinking turd… That’s not entirely true. The game was only so-so, but because it looked so damn awesome and then didn’t live up to expectations, it was perceived as even worse than it really was (same went for another PS3 exclusive, Haze).

Lair was Factor 5’s game. The now-defunct developer also created gems like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (another reason everyone expected Lair to be great), which led Sony to sign them to a multi-game contract – Lair being one of those games. Another game Factor 5 was working on, being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3, never saw the light of day… until now.

A post on NeoGAF has uncovered some minor details on another Factor 5 PS3 exclusive that never was. The working title was Animal Wars, and is said to be a World War II era, Warhawk-style game that featured animals waging war. Even a concept character render has surfaced, which shows a beaver decked out in military gear.

I don’t know about you, but after seeing that screen and hearing about the concept, I think Sony made the right move in canning the project. An ex-Factor 5 employee, however, felt it was a good game:

It was f**king amazing looking and was way better than Lair so it made all of us sad it got cancelled.

No. Just no. That said, I wouldn’t mind some more Lair.