IW Speaks About Battlefield vs. Modern Warfare Rivalry: “We Root for Everybody”

November 8, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 today, we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the ridiculous battle that ensued between the two biggest military first-person shooter franchises has finally come to a close.

Now that everything is all said and done, Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin told Eurogamer how “silly” this whole rivalry has been, pointing out that success on both ends is what is best for the industry:

When both games succeed it’s better for the industry as a whole. It’s not just us – we want the gaming industry to succeed because the better the gaming industry does the better we all do. We root for everybody.

Honestly, it’s the fans you want to listen to. They’re gamers, they’re going to play both games, both games are great. Much respect for everyone involved on the DICE side and I think they feel the same way with us. We’re friends with them. It’s not what they portray on the EA side.

The comments are similar to what we were told by Activision’s PR team at the Golden Joystick Awards.

Judging by the fantastic sales Battlefield 3 has already seen and the undoubted success that Modern Warfare 3 will have in the days to come, both EA and Activision couldn’t be happier.