Sony’s Music Video Service VidZone Relaunches Today on PSN

November 9, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Do you like music? Who doesn’t? Like videos? Even better. How about putting the two together? Now we’re cooking! Earlier this morning Sony announced that a new and improved version of its music video service VidZone will be made available to all PlayStation Network users today.

For those that aren’t familiar with the service, VidZone is a free music video streaming service available in most of Europe that features some much needed improvements since it first graced Sony’s platform. VidZone is getting a reboot/relaunch of sorts and will feature all sorts of new updates that improve the service.

Improvements include an easier to use navigation system in addition to five new features:

  • Zones, a place where you can browse/find music according to genre/theme
  • My Zone, a custom version of the Zones feature
  • V-Mix, a “smart playlist generator”
  • Social Connectivity through Facebook integration
  • An optimized search function

You’ll be able to download the service through a new update that will be made available via the XMB’s music section.