Final Fantasy XIII Save File Unlocks Bonus Items in XIII-2

November 13, 2011Written by Tony Wibowo

Final Fantasy XIII was released last year and like many Japanese RPGs, gamers put many hours in playing it. If you already beat the game, make sure not to delete your save file just yet.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that upon booting the game, it will read the save file of FFXIII and give players two bonus items. The first item is narrated scenes that would act as summary for FFXIII story. The second item is more or less a perk for players; it will give a convenient “special item” that will benefit players’ progress, but won’t break the balance of the game at all.

Kitase also added that FFXIII-2 is improved from the previous game in terms of load times. He mentioned that the Xbox 360 version will allow even shorter load times after installing the game. He didn’t mention whether the PS3 version will have any install option or not.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will release on January 31, 2012. Are you getting the regular edition or the Collector’s Edition?