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Dead Island’s Bloodbath DLC Set to Arrive Next Week

November 14, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Fans of Deep Silver’s latest title will likely recall that Dead Island’s upcoming downloadable content pack “Bloodbath Arena” was set to arrive back in September, but – for whatever reason – the DLC was delayed to an undefined date. Fortunately, we now have that date for you, and it’s just over a week away.

That’s right, “Bloodbath Arena” is set to go live next Tuesday, November 22nd. The pack will provide gamers with a horde-inspired mode that can be tackled solo or with a friend. There are four different arenas from which you can choose from, and all of the experience points you gain from this mode will transfer directly to your single player game.

Oh yeah, and a new weapon will be added to the mix, the Brain Wave Bomb. Not exactly sure what that is, but judging by the name, it sounds pretty fun to use!

Deep Silver had a bit of a rough start with Dead Island, but it’s great to see them get back on track and support a game that has done so surprisingly well for them.