Montreal Branch Defines Ubisoft as Being a Creative “Evil Empire”

November 14, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Everyone loves to hate the big guys, so mega-publishers like EA, Activision and Ubisoft often get labeled as being evil and/or greedy empires that are only in it to make a profit. Ubisoft Montreal’s Jason VandenBerghe has spoken about the stereotype, pointing out the truths in the claims, while adding his own insight.

Speaking to CVG, VandenBerghe explained that, while Ubisoft may sometimes come across as the big bad guy, the emphasis they place on creativity and ingenuity sets them apart from the rest of gaming’s high profile publishers.

I’ve been around the industry and I’ve haven’t found a company that loves the idea of new ideas, new content, new franchises, new games more than Ubisoft. It’s really at the heart of everything we do. Sometimes, when you look at these big groups from the outside, it looks like, ‘Oh, there’s just this big monolith-planning evil empire thing,’ right? And I can tell you on the inside, yeah it’s the evil empire, but at the same time, this particular empire loves creativity.

Let’s hope Ubisoft delivers on these words and brings us some exciting new IPs in the coming years.