Kojima: If Rising “Goes Against Everything Metal Gear is, Then I’ll Say Something”

November 23, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

While we haven’t heard much of anything new about the upcoming Metal Gear side story Rising lately, Kojima has assured gamers that it is still in production. More importantly though, the Metal Gear mastermind has made it clear that he is keeping a close eye on the game to ensure it stays within the confines of the universe.

He may be hands-off of the project, but should development go awry, Kojima will step in to be sure the necessary adjustments will be made.

Speaking to OPM UK, Kojima explains, saying:

This time I’ve been really hands-off, letting it go on its own with the new team.

It’s not like I’m giving up complete control. It’s that point in the beginning – the core concept, finding that seed. So the concept came from the staff – they got the idea to use Raiden as the main character and to make it into an action game. Even the story: I try not to read it, because if I do then I’ll want to say something and get sucked back in again.

Very early on I set boundaries and I gave some feedback. If there’s something I feel crosses a line and goes against everything Metal Gear is, then I’ll say something. But as much as possible I try to preserve the boundary.

Let’s hope that this fresh perspective provides an interesting twist on the compelling, but dated Metal Gear formula.