Ridge Racer Vita Might Be A Glorified Demo

November 23, 2011Written by Tony Wibowo

With the upcoming launch of the PS Vita, Namco Bandai plans to release a new Ridge Racer alongside the portable system. But fans who are hoping to get a lot of mileage on this game might be disappointed.

According to Andriasang, Ridge Racer will only have three tracks and five cars. The course list includes Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs and Southbay Docks (all from previous games), which can be played in normal and reverse. The game will also apparently only run at 30 frame per second to allow the developer to offer more detail on the screen.

To make up for the shortage of content, the game will carry a lower price point compared to other Vita launch titles at ¥3,980 in store, and ¥3,580 on the PSN, slightly less than the average price of around ¥5,000. Namco plans to offer downloadable content for the game after its release, and will have direct access to PlayStation Store on its main menu.

If you were planning on purchasing the game, is this news going to change your mind? Namco Bandai hasn’t announced the price for the US or EU version of the game yet, but how much are you willing to pay for such a short game? Sound off in the comments below.