Nippon Ichi Teases Another Upcoming PS3 Exclusive

November 24, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

As if Sony’s current and upcoming line-up of exclusives wasn’t enough, Nippon Ichi has another one getting ready to rock, and it’s received its own teaser site to make fans aware.

Nippon Ichi recently revealed that it has more than one PlayStation 3 exclusive in development, and now one of the titles has a teaser viewable on the company’s website. The image reveals very little other than that the game will be exclusive to the PS3, in addition to advertising the date of November 30th, which will very likely be when more information is made available.

The team at Nippon Ichi has a strong record for localizing its releases, so although the site is in Japanese, we can safely assume that it will eventually find its way outside of Asia. The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen was recently announced and has a site of its own, so this will be the second announcement from the team with one or two more to come. Stay tuned for more on this development, and let the rumors commence.