NFL Blitz Trophies – Trophy List

January 1, 2012Written by Zak

The trophies for NFL Blitz, which consists of 20 trophies.

  • Bronze:

Big Fish, Small Pond
Get your Blitz Team into the Local Elite Battle Board

Movin’ On Up
Get your Blitz Team into the Regional Elite Battle Board

Hail To the King, Baby!
Beat the National Elite Battle Board using a Blitz Team

Local Celebrity
Get into the Head to Head Local Elite Battle Board

Tristate Triumph
Get into the Head to Head Regional Elite Battle Board

Nation Domination
Beat the Head to Head National Elite Battle Board

Winners Can Be Choosers
Purchase all Pro Players

Buy the Power of Grayskull
Purchase all Ultimate Power Ups

Win a Risk and Reward game

Monster Squad
Unlock all Fantasy Characters

En Fuego
Catch on fire three times during a single game

Double Down
Double pass for a touchdown

Recover an on-side kick

Ride the back of an on fire WR with the zombie fantasy character

Goin’ Beast Mode
Break three tackles in a row

Fast Fingers
Enter 10 unique cheats on the cheat entry screen in one Play Now or Blitz Gauntlet game by one user

I’m a Wizard!
Trigger every power up

I Know Kung Fu
Knock down a player with the Ninja fantasy character’s jump kick hurdle animation

Safety Dance
Do a celebration dance in your own endzone and get tackled for a safety

  • Silver:

Stack the Deck
Purchase all Ultimate Players