Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus To Be Available On Vita’s Launch Day

January 6, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus had originally been scheduled to arrive as part of the PlayStation Vita’s launch window timeframe. However, Tecmo Koei announced today that Sigma Plus isn’t releasing during the launch window — it’s actually arriving much sooner than that.

Tecmo Koei announced that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will be arriving on Vita’s launch day, February 22nd. They also confirmed that the title will offer support for the Vita’s front touch screen, rear touch pad, and motion sensor.

Yosuke Hayashi, Studio Head of Team NINJA, said:

The Ninja Gaiden series lends itself to a great experience on this amazing new platform. We’re confident that gamers, both our fans and those new to the series, will find Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to be a thrilling and challenging experience that lives up to the spirit of what the series is best known for while offering a host of new and portable gameplay mechanics.

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