Square Enix and Scarygirl Bringing Tentacles to the PSN

January 6, 2012Written by Cameron Teague

Square Enix has announced today that it is bringing a new game to the PlayStation Network titled Scarygirl. This action-platformer is based off the graphic novel of the same name by Nathan Jurevicius and will be making its mark on the PSN later this month, but until then why not enjoy the trailer and screenshots provided below.

Scarygirl centers in on an orphan child who is not only alone, but also happens to have a tentacle for an arm. Add to this the fact that the child dresses like a pirate and you have a very unique lead character. Dreams of a strange man haunt the lead character and they set out into the world to discover the meanings behind the dreams.

The game will feature a new storyline that is separate from the graphic novel, along with new weapons, moves and upgrades. The game will also feature local two-player co-op so you can enjoy the game with a friend. Enough talking from me, go ahead and check out the screenshots and trailer below, then look for the game on the PSN January 24th or Jan 18th for Xbox Live.