January Silent Hill HD Collection Dreams Get Shot Down by Konami

January 10, 2012Written by Tony Wibowo

Silent Hill HD Collection has previously been planned to come out on January 24, 2012. Since the release date is only a few weeks away, fans are extremely excited to play their beloved games all over again, but Konami shot down that dream today — or at least for the near future.

GameInformer reported today that Konami has delayed the Silent Hill HD Collection until March, with no specific day mentioned. The company did not provide any reasons behind the delay, so it might just be in an effort to release within a less competitive window, if not because the game just isn’t ready to go gold.

The collection includes fans favorite from the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.  Similar to Sony’s first-party HD collections, Konami also put a lot of work toward this collection; HD visuals and trophy support are to be added to both titles In addition, Konami are also including some extra content for fans of the horror series, such as new (optional) voice over recordings.

Hopefully this news does not dissapoint any of you Silent Hill fans. In positive light, delayed games are better than games with day-one patches anyway.