Insert Disc: New Year, New Games; What Are You Playing?

January 16, 2012Written by Heath Hindman

As expected, November and December brought furious sales both online and offline. In most Western cultures, the end of the year is a season of gift giving, which raises the question: hey, what did you get? What games have been rocking you so far in 2012?

There are three of us here at PlayStation LifeStyle that have Vitas, so we’ve been playing with our new toys. Been a blast so far; I’m picking up WipEout 2048 when it comes out this weekend and hope to bring you guys a timely review. I loved WipEout 3 on the original PlayStation and dabbled in WipeOut Pure for PSP, so I’m excited to see how the series evolves for Vita.

While on Christmas break, the Hindman household did some catching up. My wife and I picked up some games in our native language that we’ve been missing out on. We snagged PS3 versions of Portal 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Mass Effect 2 (man what’s with all the 2’s?) for ourselves, and Pokemon Pearl for our younger students. Those kids go nuts when we let ’em play some Pokemon after class.

The last thing on my plate recently, but only a few minutes here and there, has been the PSOne Classic version of Chrono Trigger. Talk about a great game practically ruined by wretched lag. Yuck.