Possible Resident Evil 6 Viral Campaign Hits Web

January 18, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

It’s been a while since we heard any talk about Resident Evil 6… and with all of these Resident Evil spin-offs sustaining the brand, it began to seem like there was no hope left for a proper RE sequel. If this new viral campaign is related to Resident Evil 6, then there really is no hope left.

It’s difficult to believe anything in regard to Resident Evil 6. There have been leaks, fake trailers, everything you could imagine. Which is why I am still skeptical about this new viral website and trailer that has mysteriously appeared. But the one part that leads me to believe that this is indeed related to Resident Evil 6, is the date.

All over the nohopeleft.com viral site, the date of January 19th, 2012 is plastered everywhere. That date is of particular significance, because that’s when Capcom is holding their Resident Evil “Fright Night” in San Francisco. The event is being held to highlight the upcoming RE: Operation Raccoon City for consoles and RE: Revelations for the 3DS. This viral stuff could be related to that, but would be a little overkill to promote titles that are already announced, and nearing release.

Rumors have pointed to the next Resident Evil game taking place in China, which could be backed up by the viral video located on nohopeleft.com, which features a distressed woman speaking Mandarin. Watch the video below.

So is it related to Resident Evil 6? We’ll know for sure come tomorrow night.