Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy Both Rumored to Star in RE6

January 19, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Earlier this week, hype for the unannounced – but heavily rumored – Resident Evil 6 was sparked by an alleged viral teaser for the game. Today, we have even more fuel to feed the fire, as reports indicate that both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield will play major roles in the upcoming game.

According to the report from VentureBeat, Kennedy and Redfield won’t be the only two familiar faces to return, as Resident Evil 4’s Ada Wong is expected to make an appearance as well. Fans of the more horror-centric style will be pleased to hear that the heavy-action focus of Resident Evil 5 will be scrapped for an experience more reminiscent of the fourth installment.

Additionally, the source explained that the development of the game will be handled internally within Japan, rather than having Capcom outsource the project to a western development team.

The viral campaign is counting down to a big reveal tonight, so be sure to check back at PlayStation LifeStyle for more info on Resident Evil 6, or whatever else the teaser might entail.