Mass Effect 3 Bonus DLC to be Bundled with Upcoming Action Figures

January 24, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

If you consider yourself among the hardest of hardcore Mass Effect fans, then you’ll want to listen up, as North American gamers will be able to score exclusive bonus content for the third installment. Oh, and I hope you like dolls, because you’ll have to shell out a bit of cash on some Mass Effect 3 figurines if you want to get your hands on the DLC.

Retailer BigBadToyStore has a whopping eight different characters to choose from, including series favorites like Thane, Tali and Garrus. If you plan on purchasing all of them, you’ll want to look into picking up both four-packs which each retail for $67.99.

Pack 1 includes Tali, Thane, Grunt and Shepard, and is unfortunately backordered, but the other pack, which includes Miranda, Garrus, Mordin and Legion is available for pre-order. If you want to pick and choose which models you want, they’ll cost you $17.99 a piece.

No word yet on exactly what exclusive content will be included, so be sure to check back here at PlayStation LifeStyle for more information.