New Screenshots, Gameplay Details, & Memory Card Space Revealed for Lumines: Electronic Symphony

January 25, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

New gameplay details and screenshots have been released for the anticipated PS Vita puzzle game, Lumines: Electronic Symphony. The box art also shows how much Memory Card space is required for the game.

James Mielke, Producer at Q? Entertainment, revealed new details about the game. First, Lumines: ES is a brand-new game, with animated 3D blocks instead of 2D sprites. The animated 3D blocks allow integration of dynamic lighting and animations mechanics. Game audio has also been tailored for integration with music and game sounds.  In terms of controls, the game supports front touch screen use for block movement and rotation, and the d-pad and analog sticks are also supported.

Lumines: ES has a new and interesting way to unlock skins in comparison to the PSP original. The game uses a new XP system that takes points earned in a gameplay session and converts them into XP. As gamers level up, they unlock new skins and avatars. Also, avatars now have a single player and multiplayer ability mapped to them.

The game’s box art, which can be seen in the Media Gallery below, shows that Lumines: ES requires 2,048KB of Memory Card space.

To view screenshots of the game, please click on the Media Gallery below:

Lumines: Electronic Symphony will be available for PlayStation Vita for $39.99 on February 14th, 2012.

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