New $299 3G Vita Pre-Order Bundle and Additions To First Edition Bundle Revealed

January 27, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Update: The $299 Wi-Fi + 3G Bundle isn’t just for — it has been created by Sony, who describes it as “extremely limited.” Also, the First Edition Bundle will now include the DataSession Pass and PSN game offer.

Original Story: has a great pre-order bundle for those who pre-order (or have pre-ordered) a $299 Wi-Fi + 3G Vita.

Amazon is offering an estimated $55 worth of pre-order bonuses to those who pre-order a $299 Wi-Fi + 3G Vita (in the form of an automatic upgrade to a bundle). The bonuses are an 8GB Memory Card, a PlayStation Network title, and a DataConnect Session Pass for AT&T. The DataConnect Pass is for a 250MB session only and the voucher for the PSN game is only made available 30 days after redemption of the DataConnect Session Pass. The offer expires May 31, 2012. For full details, click here.

As of this writing, no mention has been made of this offer being extended to the First Edition Wi-Fi + 3G Vita bundle, which releases on February 15th, and includes a 4GB Memory Card, a case, and a copy of Little Deviants. Other retailers have yet to match this offer.

The $299 Wi-Fi + 3G Vita releases on February 22nd.

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