PSLS Community Fan Art Runners-Up

January 30, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

When we launched the PSLS fan art competition less than a week ago, we were excited to see what would fill our inboxes. But even though we had high hopes, we were blown away by what you came up with, making the process of picking a winner nigh impossible. Tomorrow, we’ll be giving you the chance to vote for your favorite out of our top five pics, but until then you can take a look at the great art submissions that didn’t quite make it to the final showdown.

As a side note, the vote for the best staff artwork has come to a close, with a certain dragon slayer having taken the top spot. Yaay!

Fan Art Runners Up (in no particular order):

Curtis Tiegs starts off the list of art with a bang, with some beautiful Shadow of the Colossus artwork. Curtis’ second submission was even better in our eyes, and so will be shown in the final vote tomorrow.

Submitted by Tony Johnson, hand drawn by Ben Johnson, shows Ezio hiding in the shadows, his face obscured by the dark:

Tony Johnson also composed an ode to go with the drawing:

We’ve watched you grow from a boy into a man.
While sitting on a bench eavesdropping on the latest Templar plan.
You grew out your beard as you got older.
At the same time your assassinations got bolder.
First it was just a nobody, then it was the pope.
To all aspiring Assassins you were their beacon, their hope.
Oh Ezio, how many men died at your hands?
Hundreds and thousands, from many different lands.
Hooded man lurking in the shadow.
What will I use throwing knife or crossbow?
Swan dive into that pile of hay.
Or hide in it it keep enemies at bay.
Your killing was brutal and gory, each one filled with blood.
Off rooftops you threw people, to the ground, with a thud.
When someones on your tail, in a crowd you will blend.
We love you Ezio, you are a mentor and a friend
We will never forget you or your incredible life story.
Long live the great Ezio Auditore.

Using a pencil, asharpie and a little gold paint, Greg Leigott created this fantastic depiction of Kratos:

Andrew Papa, who is our Editor-In-Chief, Anthony Severino’s nephew, sent in this great rendition of Batman: Arkham City:

PSN user wtGp sketched Phoenix at her finest:

NhD Mohammed and a friend came up with a picture of a modern-day Desmond with a surprisingly realistic Assassin Car:

Tyler Merendino sketched Ezio, with pertinent quotes from the games:

Whitenoise244 played to my love of dragons:

Wouter Tammes Buirs drew a wonderfully detailed self-created character that was inspired by Heart of Darkness. Tomorrow, you’ll get to see an even more detailed, and even more amazing depiction of the character, as part of our top 5:

r3bel1 rocked some bright yellow shoes in Kingdom Hearts:

Joshua Paskins imagined what it would be like for Abobo to enter the Skyrim world:

OverChasm created two artworks, a close up of Seu-ee as well as a devilishly clever take on the Portal cake meme.

Dan Slagle “showed off his MS Paint Skills” in a picture about the difficulties of Dark Souls:

And last, but certainely not least, we received two truly remarkable drawings from Drew Blair, age 6 and Nolan Blair, age 10. The fantastic pieces show PlayStation characters at their best, both from PlayStation Move Heroes and Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction:

Thanks for all the terrific submissions! Be sure to tune in tomorrow to vote for the prize winner, but even though the competition is now over, feel free to send art to and it may still be featured on the site.