PSLS Fan Art Top 5: Vote For The Best

January 31, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

We received a huge number of submissions in the short time we ran the PSLS fan art competition, but five pieces rose above the rest, showing just how talented our community is. We couldn’t decide which was the best, so we’re giving you the chance to vote for the best.

Fan Art Top Five (in no particular order):

Alexandre Morsilla kicks the top five off with an incredible picture of a Helghast soldier that wouldn’t look out of place in a game concept art book:

Curtis Tiegs’ beautiful drawing of Kratos makes me wish for more GOW:

leo313rd sketches the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas box art as excitement for GTAV grows:

Edgar De La Vega draws an amazing range of  different dragons from different games:

Wouter Tammes Buirs shows off his talents with his Heart of Darkness-inspired self-creation:

Which was your favorite? Vote now!

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Voting closes tomorrow, winner gets the prestigious PSLS Fan Art award and $20 on PSN.