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Rumor: SCEA Developers, Guerrilla Games Working on PS4 Titles

March 9, 2012 Written by Sebastian Moss

With third party studios like Bethesda and LucasArts preparing for the next gen, many have wondered – What about Sony? Will the next God of War, the next Uncharted or the next Killzone come out on the PS3 or on the PS4? New job listings now suggest that at least some of Sony’s first party studios are already working on the PlayStation 4.

The first job listing we uncovered is one for a US Tools and Technologies Engineering Intern, which says (emphasis added):

The Tools and Technologies Group (T&T) provides the infrastructure, tools and run-time libraries that are shared among all SCEA’s Next Gen. teams.

The teams are later described as “game teams”, which suggests the listing is talking about SCEA next gen developers, rather than talking about hardware teams.

The second job listing on Develop doesn’t explicitly say it is for Guerrilla Games, except that it is for a Netherlands-based “high profile studio” that is “working exclusively with an industry leader” on AAA titles – something that only fits GG. On top of that, the advert is for an Assistant Art Director, which Guerrilla Games is also advertising for. If that still doesn’t convince you, the Develop listing says:

They are currently seeking an experienced Assistant Art Director to work with the Art Director to develop and maintain high standards of aesthetic and technical aspects of art content.

While the GG listing says:

We’re looking for an Assistant Art Director who’ll work with the Art Director to develop and maintain high standards of aesthetic and technical aspects of art content.

But what is so special about the listing? The advert mentions “next gen technologies” (emphasis added):

Now working exclusively with an industry leader, on next gen technologies and with major IPs in the pipeline, they are looking to recruit creative and talented individuals.

It’s also interesting that the mention of next gen was not featured on the listing on GG’s site, and only on the one where they thought people wouldn’t know it was the first part studio.

Of course, it’s important to note that this is still a rumor, and nothing has been officially confirmed (and likely won’t be before 2013 at the earliest).

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