Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Undergoes Restructuring, Forms New Online and First-Party Divisions

March 27, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Some restructuring has been taking place at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), forming two new branches of the corporation.

The first is an online services division, which will take care of the company’s communications and marketing needs. The other is a first-party publishing division which, as the name implies, will handle all of the publisher and developer needs.

Two new roles at SCEJ have also been added, which include the senior vice president of PlayStation Vita and the head of Sony’s newly formed first-party publishing division.

All of these changes will take place on April 1st, including the new role for SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano, who will be responsible for managing the company’s business strategy moving forward. This role was previously held by executive vice president Norio Sasaki.

Let’s hope that this new structure at Sony’s Japanese branch brings about positive change for the future of the Sony Corporation at large.