PlayStation Vita Portable Charger Drops This Month

April 5, 2012 Written by Anthony Severino

Not satisfied with the PlayStation Vita’s battery life? Need a little bit more juice for a long flight or road trip? Then you need the PlayStation Vita Portable Charger.

Sony announced the PlayStation Vita portable charger far before the Vita was released, yet it wasn’t ready for the system’s February launch, and it wasn’t only listed as being released some time after launch. But now, retailers are updating their product information for the portable charger, giving it an April 30th release date.

I received a notification email from this morning, who alerted me that the PlayStation Vita portable charger was now available for pre-order for its April 30 release. I cross-checked the release date on GameStop, which also lists an April 30 as the day the portable charger drops.

Despite the “portable charger” name, it does more than it seems. And for $49.99, it better. It’s not just a charger you plug into a wall outlet or cigarette lighter, then into the Vita to give it charge. The portable charger will also take a charge itself, letting you use that juice to charge the Vita even if you’re away from an AC outlet.

The listing says that the portable charger will give approximately 4-7 more hours of gaming for the PlayStation Vita, and is compatible with most devices, so this could also very well work with anything that sports a USB port.

You can pre-order the PlayStation Vita Portable Charger now.