PlayStation Move Now Half Price on Amazon

May 2, 2012 Written by Sebastian Moss

With PlayStation Move-only title Sorcery finally set to release this month, it might actually be a decent time to get one of Sony’s motion controllers. Luckily, if you’re on the fence, Amazon US has a deal that might just tempt you to take the plunge.

Over on Amazon, the PlayStation Move controller is now $24.99, down a whole 50% from $49.99. We still have our complaints about how Sony has supported the controller since launch, but with PixelJunk 4am, Sorcery, Killzone 3 and more able to us the controller it is an increasingly tempting device, even if only used occasionally. After the price cut, sales of the controller have risen by 45%, coming in at 34th in the movers and shakers list.

Do you have a Move controller, or do you plan on getting one for Sorcery? Share your thoughts in the comments below.