Limited Edition Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Bundle Goes Up for Pre-Order

May 12, 2012Written by Sir Deals-a-Lot

Let’s face it, Call of Duty sells. And Modern Warfare 3 is not only the fastest-selling Call of Duty title, but the fastest-selling entertainment product of all time. Sony—which has been down on its luck as of late—is hoping that Modern Warfare 3 helps move some PS3s as part of a newly announced Limited Edition Modern Warfare 3 320GB PS3 Bundle. The bundle has, consequently,  just gone live for pre-order. has begun accepting pre-orders for the recently revealed Limited Edition Modern Warfare 3 PlayStation 3 bundle. For $299.99, you get a 320GB PS3 and a copy of Modern Warfare 3. The bundle begins shipping (for free) on May 25th, so get your pre-order down now before stock of this bundle is depleted.