Full of Vita: A Look at the Handheld’s Hottest Upcoming Games

May 15, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

With the Vita out for well over a month now, you’ve probably turned off the menu music, changed the background pic and played all the games you could until it crashed. What next? Read on to take a look at all the hottest and biggest upcoming Vita games to find out just what’s in store.

Below we have all the biggest games, while on page 2 we have the new IPs as well as download-only games and on page 3 we have the smaller sequels and rumored titles.

The Big Names – Well Established Franchises That Are Sure to be a Hit:

Call of Duty:

The biggest franchise of the generation hasn’t managed to replicate its success on mobiles or handhelds, but that’s because touch screens and one-joysticked devices suck for first person shooters. Nothing is known about the game, and whether it’s a fully fledged title, a port or a cheap knockoff.

Release date TBA.

Assassin’s Creed:

Again, nothing is known about this game, or when and where it’ll be set, but face stabbing on the Vita is sure to be fun.

Release date TBA.

LittleBigPlanet Vita:

Play.Create.Share has never looked so good. While using a DualShock was always a rather cumbersome way to create levels, the touch screen is actually a rather simple and easy way to practice being a developer. With the beta in registration now, hopefully we’ll soon get a closer look at the title.

Resistance: Burning Skies:

The Resistance series might be dying, but it could be set to go out with a bang. Set to be the first FPS on the Vita, it’ll also have the honor of being the first FPS of note on a handheld. Players control firefighter Tom Riley, who battles against the Chimera during their invasion of the United States in 1951.


Madden always does well so it’s sure to sell well, although sadly Madden NFL 13 on Vita won’t feature cross saves, which is a seriously missing feature.

Out on August 28th.

Street Fighter X Tekken:

Already available on the PS3 and 360, the PSV version of this franchise-tacular fighting game will include a few extra characters.


With BioShock Vita taking a backseat to the development of BioShock Infinite (which was just delayed), don’t expect to see anything on this for quite a while.

Release date TBA.


Developed by Sony Cambridge (of MediEvil fame), the handheld Killzone game will be an FPS rather than a top down shooter like Liberation. It is also the first Killzone game to not be made by the core team at Guerrilla Games.

Release date TBA.

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