Sony Says The Last Guardian is Still in Development, “We Have No News to Share” About E3

May 15, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Team ICO’s The Last Guardian has been one of Sony’s most anticipated PS3 exclusives for quite some time. After a handful of delays, the hype has begun to quickly fade, but with E3 on the horizon, Sony fans are undoubtedly holding out hope for more information. Unfortunately, Sony is remaining tight-lipped on the game, dodging questions regarding its presence at this year’s expo.

While Sony did make a point to clarify that the game is still in development, they refused to comment on its presence in LA this June. According to a twitter post from Game Informer’s Jim Reilly, a recent statement from Sony said the following: “The Last Guardian continues to be developed, however we have no news to share at this time with regard to the franchise and E3.”

This could mean one of two things: they’ve either got a big reveal planned at their press conference that they don’t want to spoil, or they simply don’t wish to spread the black cloud of depression that ensues the game’s development. We’re praying it’s the prior.